About us


We at genetic balance® have made it our mission to offer our customers gene analyzes for personal health prevention, weight regulation and sports performance optimization. From a wealth of data that we generate from your DNA, we use the latest findings in genetic research to develop your individual path to a healthy lifestyle, to optimized personalized training and show you completely personalized recommendations for active aging. All of this is presented in a way that is easy to understand and clear. All we need from you is your saliva sample!

We develop and create our special DNA analytics and telomere analytics packages for you. We combine our expert knowledge with the data determined from your gene profile. We guarantee that your DNA will be analyzed in a certified DNA laboratory under the strictest data protection. Geneticists and molecular biologists extract your genes that are relevant for us in extensive analyzes and we then implement these findings in your individual result report. With this - your - knowledge, it will be easier for you to find a healthy, personalized lifestyle, possibly lose weight or maintain your weight and optimize your athletic performance to a higher level. And we'll show you exactly how!

genetic balance® is your experienced partner for personalized, DNA-based nutritional, metabolic and exercise recommendations!



Dr. med. Lutz Bannasch

The founder and creative mind of genetic balance® is Dr. Lutz Bannasch. In his almost 30 years as a doctor and immunologist in Munich, the concept of genetic balance® matured bit by bit. Fascinated by the advances in modern medicine, he was always concerned with the question of how rapid scientific progress could be used quickly and sensibly for his patients. And so the idea was born to give everyone - without major hurdles - the opportunity to have their genes analyzed. He presents the results obtained from the personal DNA in such detail that every genetic balance® customer can easily understand them and derive a concrete benefit from them.

As a TV expert, book author and medical journalist (genetic balance: The diet revolution - fat burner or carbohydrate burner? Which diet type are you?), Dr. Lutz Bannasch was also asked about his active time as an immunologist in the field of DNA analysis. He is a member of the "European Society of Human Genetics" and the "International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics". Many of his patients, including countless amateur and top athletes, continue to rely on his advice and expertise.


Florian und Karl Schmitt


Florian and Karl Schmitt are twin brothers who have been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years. Passionate entrepreneur and expert when it comes to mental and physical health, as well as performance and longevity. With their slogan and program #100werden (becoming 100), the TWINS are firmly convinced that we humans have the ability to live healthy and life-conscious lives for a long time.

Together, the Schmitt brothers founded the company BODYINVESTMENT, which is about an effective and long-term investment in your own mind and body. Captured by the vision of inspiring people to become powerful and self-determined with #100werden, the TWINS developed effective solutions that are easy to use and implement in everyday life. The efforts are scientifically based and are constantly being further developed on the basis of the latest scientific findings. Customers include well-known small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. In the lectures, seminars and workshops, the twin brothers try to inspire the participants with a series of everyday impulses on how to live a physically and mentally powerful and self-determined life.

For all mental and physical activities you always need quality food. That was exactly the goal - after much research and testing, the first TWINSBAR were developed by TWINS in 2010 and launched. TWINSBAR is brain and activity food - for physical activities, learning, in stressful phases, for healthy eating. So with an active and valuable life. 100% NATURAL and VEGAN in composition. Faster and more effective.

The recommendations for action by our experts, Florian and Karl Schmitt, are based precisely on the philosophy for a preventive and effective lifestyle. For this purpose, the tips and tricks are worked with a concept that is based on the analysis and the resulting TNW method . Training, nutrition and knowledge (TNW) are coordinated based on the analysis of the respective personal everyday life or goals.



Oto Lezhava

First studying health sciences at the Technical University of Munich, then practical experience in the health sector: Oto Lezhava is a health scientist and has already gained his first experience in health and nutritional advice. The implementation and execution of prevention and health promotion programs as well as the conception and further development of health-promoting projects are among his core qualifications. Oto's thematic competences: genetics, nutrition and personalized & preventive medicine. He is firmly convinced that it is precisely these topics that will revolutionize the healthcare industry.